East Texan Featured On "Trick My Truck"

It's an 18-wheeler any truck driver would love to have.  But the lucky owner is an East Texas man, whose truck was remodeled by a national show on Country Music Television called Trick My Truck.  What's more meaningful, is that the truck is dedicated to his late brother, Brady, who died in an oil rig explosion in Louisiana nine years ago.

"They went all out," said Ben Brownlow.  "I never expected the Texas theme."  Tonight, Ben got to watch his 1994 truck get some work done on CMT's Trick My Truck.  "It has all new upholstery, new seats with cowhide inserts," said Ben.  "They took the dash out and they painted it.  It's the Texas flag."

Ben's wife, Tammy, a fan of Trick My Truck, contacted the show last March.  In an e-mail, she told producers she wanted them to remodel Ben's truck as a tribute to Brady. So, when producers chose her e-mail out of 600 requests, the Brownlows were ecstatic. "We were both so excited about it because it's something that represented East Texas and our family," said Tammy.

Tammy says getting to meet the guys she watches on TV every week was an awesome experience. "Rod, the audio guy, was just really cool.  Ryno, great personality. He's fun to hang out with. The boss on the show is Bryan. Everybody was just awesome," said Tammy.

The show's cast chose a Texas theme, painting the truck with the state flag. And on the inside, the sleeper looks like the Alamo.   "The walls are stuccoed, to make it look like adobe like the Alamo," said Ben.

They installed a 42-inch flat-screen TV, the biggest the show has installed in a truck.  "The speaker boxes and the X-box 360 are colored like the state flag.  You have blue with a star, then the X-box is red," said Ben.

But what Ben says he likes most is a fiberglass plate with neon lights that read, "In memory of Brady Dale Brownlow."  "The biggest thing for me is to have Brady's name on the back," said Ben.   "He meant so much to me."

Ben says he and Brady loved trucks and dreamed of starting their own trucking company. Ben did and now with this truck, he says his brother's dream will truly live on.

Ben uses the truck to haul cattle. He says eventually he wants to buy another truck and retire this one.  He also wants to hold fund raisers for it.  By the way, Ben says his truck will be featured in tomorrow's Dogwood Trails parade in downtown Palestine at 10:00 a.m.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.  ortega@kltv.com