Debate Over Hamburger Home "Well Done"

The American staple is officially an Athens original...putting an end to the sizzling debate on where the burger was born for local residents thanks to the Texas legislature.

"I'm certainly pleased. Anytime you can get 150 of the finest Texans money can buy to agree on one thing then it's got to be a good thing. We're very proud of that," says Athens Mayor Randy Daniel.

"The man that made the first hamburger lived in Athens...went the world's fair with it," says longtime Athens resident Murleen Stockard enjoying a hamburger.

She's talking about Fletcher Davis who created the burger in his cafe in the 1800's, feeding hungry people on the square.

"So he slapped a ground beef patty on two pieces of homemade bread, added some ground mustard to the mayonnaise, put a couple cucumbers on it and a big Bermuda onion and the hamburger was born," says Debbie Schwanbeck, Director of Tourism for the Athens Welcome Center.

More than a century later the sandwich hasn't changed.

"They're made fresh, they have a great flavor. I like the mixture of the onions and the jalapenos with the cheese," says Chris Gilbert enjoying an Athens burger.

"Aren't hamburgers one of the four food groups," says Steve Farrar, visiting from Fort Worth, eating an Athens hamburger.

So for the state of Connecticut, who says the burger originated there in 1900, Murleen has this challenge, "I think they need to come down to Athens, Texas and try one of the hamburgers made here and see what a real hamburger is."

Two other states have also made claims as the hamburger home: Wisconsin and Ohio.

Christine Nelson reporting.