High School Students Race Boats Made Of Cardboard and Tape

It was a race to the finish line and to stay afloat, using only cardboard boxes and tape.   Physics students at Longview High School were challenged in this year's cardboard boat races. The students had to build a boat that fits two people and paddle it to the other end of the pool, without sinking.  This illustrates the well known Archimedes Principle of Buoyancy.

Dexter Dafne, a Longview High School Junior, says, "We learned that the amount of weight you put in the boat, it's the same amount that's going to be displaced by the water."

Casey Zagger, a Longview High School Junior, says, "That's the toughest part is getting in the boat, cause once you're in it, I think most people can get across, but getting in it, it can tip really easy so you gotta be real careful."

An interesting thing to note: those cardboard boats can hold up to 25,000 pounds!

Tracy Watler, tracy@kltv.com, reportinh