Misdemeanor Charges For Girls Who Faked Kidnapping

17-year-old Bryshada Ward on the left and 20-year-old Sasha Abney, who are cousins, were missing since Saturday.

Little did authorities know their search would be a dead-end trail.

"No they were never kidnapped," says Sasha's father, Richard Abney, at a press conference with reporters.

The girls initially said they went to this movie theatre in Mesquite and were taken against their will by two men after they had car trouble.

Richard adds, "I understand that one of the girls, Bryshada, used the shoe on my daughter and made marks on her and bruises on her. So it looked like they had a scuffle," says Richard.

The girls even called a friend on a cell phone, repeating the words "help."

But the real story is this: The girls drove more than 50 miles from Terrell to Lewisville for a party..

They claimed they got lost on the way back and three days later, they were found more than a 100 miles away in Kempner.

There, they pulled into this gas station asking the attendant to call police, and were returned home.

Their families, already suspicious of their story, told the girls to tell investigators the truth.

"So anything you need to say, say it no matter how bad it may come out. You need to tell it because we need to end the investigation since you're home," Richard recalls telling her daughter.

The girls said they were afraid to come home Saturday night, because they missed their curfews.

"We're very shocked that they would do something like this. It's out of character that they would do that," says Richard.

The family says Bryshada and Sasha were very apologetic after coming clean but that wasn't enough for police. Their misdemeanor charge will be for filing a false police report.

The charges are being issued by the Lampasas County Sheriff's Department. One of four agencies involved in the search.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com