Pet Food Recall Maybe More Widespread

The 9 month old chihuaha known as 'Kali' was Kandice Crabtree's baby.

"She was crazy; everywhere. She was everywhere all the time," says Kandice.

Shortly after giving birth to these two puppies in January, Kandice noticed Kali was a little sluggish. Her veterinarian suggested switching to one of the recalled brands of wet dog food. The couple says after eating just one can, Kali quickly took a turn for the worse.  Ultimately, she died of kidney failure.

An Idaho veterinarian suspects there are countless other cases like Kali's, and he's tracking them through the website,

So far, 840 people have logged on saying their animal may have been killed by the bad food.

In East Texas, one veterinarian is using a mass voicemail system to alert his clients about the recall.

Dr. Paul Gainer with the Flint Veterinary Hospital says, "Your pets are very important to you, and this is a very widespread recall so, there's lots of clients who have been at risk."

Getting the tainted food off the shelves may have saved thousands of other animals, but to the Crabtrees, it's little consolation.

"It's still hard. It's just, it's been hard," says Kandice.

She says slowly, the two new puppies are helping to fill the void Kali left behind.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: