City Missing Hundreds Of Dollars In Funds

Hundreds of dollars are missing from an East Texas city's records and a former employee may be to blame.   It happened in the town of Rusk, that's the county seat of Cherokee County.   The Rusk City Attorney says the city has fired one of its employees over missing funds collected at the city hall. The city conducted it's own investigation and after collecting enough evidence showing a considerable amount of money missing, they brought in the Texas Rangers. We spoke with residents around town Thursday, who say they are upset any city employee would misuse city funds.

LaRetta Britton, a resident of Rusk, says, "Obviously it's not a good idea, I'm one of the people that helps the Chamber of Commerce bring Rusk back, I mean, we're trying to get things going in this town, the last thing we really want is someone taking funds from it. So I'm not happy about it, that's for sure."

Information from both investigations has been turned over to the District Attorney who will ultimately decide if charges will be filed against the former employee.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: