They're Appropriately Named; "Women In Tyler" Honors Tyler Women

Since 1999 more than 100 women have been recognized and honored as part of the "Women In Tyler" day.  On Thursday, seven more were added to the list.
  At the banquet, the committee gave a 10- thousand dollar check to the Women's Fund of the East Texas Communities foundation; a fund created by the "Women In Tyler" committee. 
  The theme for this years banquest was "women who have triumphed".  Dr. Angela Chambers was among the honorees.   She's a local business owner (Willow Wellness Center) who's about to open a new Wellness facility In Tyler.  "It doesn't matter where you come from; me, I come from Butler College, in Tyler, Texas... Where I am today, with an over 2 million dollar building. It can be done!".
  A Co-chair of the event, Cindy Klein, talked about the women they are honoring:  "They all have had different adversities they they've triumphed through; from Dr. Barbara Huggins, who had polo as a child, who's now Doctor Mom on KLTV, and [she's] done awesome things as a pediatrician; to Karen Choice who started Chad's House because of the death of her son."

Here's a complete list of the seven Tyler women honored:

Prisca Barron

Dr. Angela Chambers

Karen Choice

Dr. Barbara Huggins

Cherie Paro

Reba Sorrells

Esperanza Taylor

If you'd like to contribute to the women's fund, contact East Texas Communities Foundation, or Leadership Tyler