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A Better East Texas: Children Of Illegal Aliens

State Representative Leo Berman State Representative Leo Berman

Your state representative Leo Berman made the lead sentence in a story in this week's Newsweek magazine. Berman has introduced legislation that prohibits the state of Texas from recognizing the U.S. citizenship of children of illegal aliens for the purpose of giving them state benefits.

Critics of the bill say it is a violation of the 14th amendment mandating equal protection. Berman argues the 14th amendment doesn't apply to foreigners and he wants the state to take the fight to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Law abiding tax payers are already paying too a high a price for those who want to exploit the rights our country has to offer rather than earn them. Regardless of how you feel there are two realities. One, the federal government has been completely inept in enforcing the law or creating reasonable solutions to the immigration problem. And second, we've got to start somewhere and its time our state leaders sent a message to Washington that if they don't do something to make this a better east Texas, we will.

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