Texas House Committee Approves $150 Billion Spending Plan

The state House budget-writing committee approved a proposed $150 billion spending plan for the coming two years Wednesday. Much of the spending plan includes growth in public education and health and human services.

The budget proposal now moves to the full House, where it's expected to be debated late next week. Then the Senate gets a crack at it. The House Appropriations Committee voted 24-2 in favor of the bill. Democratic state Representative Sylvester Turner of Houston attended the meeting but didn't vote on the budget proposal.

Turner says he's concerned about a children's health insurance funding bill of his that hasn't yet been approved. In total, the spending plan includes state money and federal money allotted to Texas. The state general revenue portion of the $150.1 billion plan amounts to $75.5 billion. The overall proposal represents a 3.8 percent increase over the last biennium's budget.

It doesn't include $14 billion for school property tax cuts approved as part of a school funding plan last year. That's included in another bill.

Story courtesy of the Associated Press.