Very Superstitious: Patriots Not Talking About Win Streak

There is a saying in baseball that when a guy has a no hitter in a game, you do not say anything about it.

The same can be said for a team with no loses.

"You don't talk about it," said UT Tyler coach James Vilade. "There's no such thing as a win streak in the clubhouse."

While superstition does not allow for talk of a streak in the clubhouse, there is the undeniable streak in the record book. The patriots are 20-0 this season, and 25-0 stretching back to last season. That puts the Patriots at first in conference.

"We've had some come from behind wins which is always good for a team through the first half of the year," Vilade said.

"We've had some clutch hits, things just seem to fall in place," said Patriot catcher Corey Farra.

While the Patriots are not talking about the streak, the country is. The Patriots have a better record than some of the nations top ranked teams.

"Baseball is a game of inches and it seems like every inch our way," Farra said.

An inch or a homerun, they're still not talking.