More Pet Owners Suspect Pet Food In Animal Deaths

Arnell Lilly of Tyler didn't know what was making her cat Buddy sick.  Then, she heard about the recall on her food.

"You know, you trust the food that you give your cat, that it's going to be alright. So, I think it's awful," says Arnell.

Buddy is feeling better now, but others weren't so lucky.

Mike and Beth Calhoun say the were devastated when their dog, Angus, died in January. Then, their cat, Zoe, died of kidney failure. Both were eating the recalled food.

"I cried everyday. You could just tell from the look in their eyes, they needed something," says Beth.

For Jeff Burton's beloved dog Nikky, the end came quickly.

"We flushed her all day Thursday and all day Friday. Friday night, he took more blood tests and said, 'She's gone. She's not going to make it,'" says Jeff.

Ruth Smiley buried her 12 year old dog in the backyard of her Chandler home two weeks ago. She says she'll never know if it was old age or his 'Ole Roy' dog food that killed him, but she suspects the latter.

"Occasionally, he acted like he didn't feel real good; maybe like a person does as their growing older, but at the end he was definitely sick," says Ruth.

Ruth says she doesn't want money, or revenge. She just wants the problem fixed so no one else has to needlessly suffer the loss of a family pet.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: