East Texas Family May Lose Pet To Recalled Food

A north-American wide recall on more than 80 brands of pet food is giving East Texas pet owners reason for concern. The food is manufactured by Menu Foods and affects the 'Cuts and Gravy style' pet food, not the pate in the can or dry pet food.   Monday, shelves at local stores were cleared of most of the recalled items. In Pittsburg, a family is praying their dog will survive three days of dialysis after weeks of eating some of the recalled food. The family says they never thought something like this could happen.

Three year old "Sunday" used to be an active Dachshund and "chased balls, chased toys, chewed on toys."

It's a stark contrast to her Monday, undergoing three days of dialysis after vets diagnosed her with Acute Kidney Failure. It all started three weeks ago when Ron Kukendall's mom noticed Sunday was drinking and urinating more than normal. Then she went to buy Sunday's dog food, "Ol' Roy's Gourmet" but it wasn't there.

"They said they were pulling the dog food off of the shelves and did not comment why or know why," says Ron.

Ron's family didn't think much of it, until the Dachshund's condition turned for the worst.

"She started throwing up and she wouldn't eat and restless could not sleep," Ron says.

"She had a foul odor from her mouth and that a lot of times can mean kidney problems," says Dr. Emily Blackwood with the Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic.

The bloodwork revealed Sunday's kidneys were failing her.

"She's young to have these kidney problems like she has...there's a good possibility that it is the dog food," says Dr. Blackwood.

"You trust what you take off the shelves...without thought really, you grab it you put it in the basket, you pay for it, and you take it home," says Ron.

Now all Ron can do is trust that food manufacturers will figure out what's causing pets to die, for the sake of pet owners everywhere and all the little "Sunday's" out there.

Veterinarians say if you fed your pet some of the affected food, the initial symptom will be: they're just not themselves, they just don't feel right.   Also, watch out for lethargy, excessive water drinking or urination, vomiting or a urine smell on your pet's breath. If you notice any of these, take your pet to the veterinarian for a blood test.   For a complete list of the affected food, click on the know more of 7 link to the left, then look for the story marked "Tainted Pet Food Recall."

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Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com