Local Pet Owner Blames Tainted Cat Food For Cat's Death

Paula Chamberlain says she's fed her cat, Murphy, Special Kitty cat food for years now. She went straight to her computer this morning to see if it might be part of the recall.

"I had two; chicken and liver. One of those, and then, just the chicken," says Paula.

Last week, the medical office administrator noticed her five year old cat Murphy just wasn't himself. She and her granddaughter took him to the veterinarian on Saturday.

"It was bad because my vet, Dr. Spencer, came in and told me it was kidney failure, and there wasn't anything really that he could do," says Paula.

Dr. Steve Wilson of the Glenwood Animal Hospital in Tyler says kidney failure is common in cats and dogs. He says until a toxin is identified in the recalled food, there's no way of knowing whether the tainted food is to blame.

He says if you've given your animal the recalled food, look out for a symptom he calls A.D.R.

"Ain't doing right; they just don't feel good," says Wilson.

Other symptoms include lethargy, excessive water drinking or urination, vomitting or the smell of urine on your pet's breath.

Dr. Wilson suggests a simple blood test to detect kidney failure early, while it's still treatable. It's a warning Paula hopes others will hear.

"I can't bring him back now. He's gone from us, but I hope if someone sees this and sees that their cat, their dog, whatever, is acting different in any way; don't wait. Don't wait," says Paula.

There is a link to a complete list of recalled foods on the Know More On 7 page of KLTV.com.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com