A Better East Texas: Follow Up Children and Marijuana

Last week I showed you the teenage uncle who admitted giving marijuana to his 2 and 5 year old nephews. I also challenged you to get involved in families who are teaching such behavior. After the broadcast I got a letter from a teacher who said....I have been a public school teacher for 21 years, and the lack of morals and values of the young children coming to school these days is unbelievable and astonishing.

More often than not, the teacher, unfortunately,  is the one who is reprimanded for trying to correct the bad behavior of these anti-social citizens.

Her letter is a reminder that teachers are a gateway for our community to break the cycle of drug abuse in families. And to make this a better east Texas we need show our teachers more emotional support and understanding as they tackle this growing problem.

Viewer Comments

I am a first grade teacher in South Longview.  Your comments this morning were inspiring as I headed off to work.  I strive daily to influence my students positively so that when they leave LISD they will become productive citizens.  On the other hand, I receive daily criticism and blame for low test scores and my student's disruptive behavior daily from parents and the community.

I don't expect to be appreciated for my hard work, but it is so nice when I am.  Thank you for your affirmation.

Juliandra Harris

I very much enjoyed your commentary about teachers and how they are  a valuable influence and outreach to children.

I know that thousands of kids in East Texas are being raised by our schools.

We need to realize that our children are lacking in quality adults in their lives.

Wherever there is this void scores are low, and behavior problems soar.

Penny Shields