Iraq War Enters Fifth Year

It was four years ago today that President Bush announced the start of the war in Iraq.

As U-S warplanes struck buildings believed to house Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Iraqi anti-aircraft fired back. Bush announced the start of the campaign to oust Saddam in an address to the nation on March 19th, 2003, but it was already the 20th in Iraq.

While the U-S-led coalition quickly toppled Saddam, he wasn't captured until December 2003. He was executed this past December after being convicted of ordering the killings of Shiites in the 1980's.

U-S troops still remain in Iraq and the war has become unpopularwith a majority of Americans now opposed to it. Democrats won control of Congress in 2006 largely on an anti-war platform and are pushing bills that set timetables for the withdrawal of U-S troops over Bush administration objections.