Marriage Proposal Makes Texas History

When an East Texas man decided to propose to his girlfriend, he wanted to do something so unusual that no one else would have a story like it. He enlisted the help of his boss and friend, Representative Brian Hughes of Mineola.

KLTV 7's Lindsay Wilcox explains how the two concocted a proposal that will forever be recorded as a piece of Texas History.

When Cody Terry met Kendra Payne last fall, he says he knew instantly he would marry her one day.  "Three days after we really started dating, God just gave me... I could sense that this was the one. This was the one I was supposed to marry. I had to keep that to myself for a while, because it sounded really crazy for me to come out and say that so, I didn't say it to her at first or anybody," said Cody.

When he decided it was finally time pop the question, he decided to play off the couple's shared love for history and government. He turned to his boss, State Representative Brian Hughes, to help make it all happen. Last Tuesday, everything came together.

The two stood in front of the entire House of Representatives as Representative Hughes announced that Cody had an important question to ask.

"I hit the knee.  I open the box, and the ring is showing, and I tell her 'I love you and Kendra, will you marry me?'  She's kind of freaking out about things, and so, she actually runs off the other direction toward the steps.  All I'm thinking is, 'I'm on one knee and I'm not going look like I'm going to rope her into a marriage, so I'm going to stay here on my knee until she comes back'," said Cody.

"I just know I screamed 'yes' a few times.  I've watched the video over and over. It was great. It was awesome," said Kendra.

As lawmakers clapped for the newly-engaged couple, Speaker Craddick announced that everyone had just witnessed a first in the House of Representatives.

"When he said, 'Members, I think we've had a first.' That's why, because I wanted her to be able to have a story that was unlike any other," said Cody.

Today, as the two walk hand-in-hand, they are preparing for their June wedding and a life they hope will be just as extraordinary as Cody's very unique proposal.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting.