Funeral Held For Fallen Trooper

A fallen state trooper is remembered in a moving ceremony, as hundreds of law enforcement officers come to Longview to pay their respects.  His life was taken in a tragic 18-wheeler accident near Marshall. And today hundreds gathered in Longview to say a final farewell to state trooper Todd Holmes. He was 29 years old, and had a bright future in law enforcement.

As trooper Holmes was brought to Longview from Gilmer down FM 1844, an endless precession of law enforcement followed. Along the way, fire and police departments stopped and saluted as he went by. His loss being felt by many.

"Many times we look back on a long life and all that we accomplished but looking back on his life in the time he had, he left a real example he accomplished a lot," said state representative Bryan Hughes.

"Everyone that he ever came in contact with was touched by him in one way its always a positive way," said Holmes' co-worker Angela Stringer.

Holmes life was a true testament to how one life can touch so many others, and that was evident by how many law enforcement officers came from so far away to pay tribute to him today.  From all over the state, hundreds of troopers and police and sheriffs officers came to say goodbye.

"I think it's appropriate that not only do we have a large law enforcement response but a large response from the community as well.  I think you saw today that there was a large outpouring of love," said Gregg county sheriff Maxey Cerliano.

He leaves behind three children and a wife expecting their fourth child. Though his life was cut short, those that knew him say it wasn't wasted.  "There was not a moment wasted in his life he was very focused very determined very much a god fearing man, good husband," Stringer says.

With full department honors, he was given his final farewell.  And a final call was made to his patrol unit radio. This time will help them the quiet man who loved his family.  "He was a strong father, excellent example, his memory will live on," said Stringer.

Holmes was taken back to Upshur county where he will be laid to rest.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.