Father Speaks About His Son's Generous Gift-Giving

When he heard his dying friend needed help, he stepped up and didn't hesitate. It's a nationally-talked about story featuring a Los Angeles news anchor and it's made a Longview couple very proud. On Wednesday, KABC's Phillip Palmer donated his kidney to one of his best friends and now the story has gained attention all over the country. There was even a live interview with Good Morning America Friday morning. KLTV found out the anchor's parents live in Longview.

After learning his friend and former co-worker Dale Davis was going to die from kidney failure, Phillip Palmer took it as his chance to save a life. He gave one of his kidneys to Dale and after a day-long surgery, the two are reunited.

"If anybody else got to feel this feeling that I have they would be lining up to donate kidneys cause for me it wasn't that big of a sacrifice," Phillip says.

"For him to have gone through this for me is just, it's amazing," says Dale Davis.

And Phillip's father couldn't agree more with that statement. He says he's inspired by his son's actions.

"Bottom line was his friend was dying and he was willing to share what he had so that his friend could live...out of all his accomplishments that he's done, this is the one I'm the most proud of him for," says Harold Palmer.

Harold says his son has been passionate about organ donation for years.

"He knew that this is what God wanted him to do."

Dad says Phillip hopes the story of his friend Dale will raise awareness about organ donation, especially when more than 70,000 people in America are in need of a transplant.

"How could you give a better gift and that just shows even though we call him our celebrity, but even if he's accomplished all that, he is still humble to see the needs of a friend....this is the most unselfish gift that I think anyone could give," Harold says.

But Phillip says the real gift came from his buddy Dale..."he has given me so much by letting me do this for him," Phillip says.

Phillip was released from the hospital Friday afternoon. Both men are the road to a full recovery.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com