Proud Of East Texas: Inky And John

Retired Maydelle Postmaster John McClosky, began writing in earnest in 1987 in an effort to raise money for the Cherokee Humane Society. His stories about individual dogs brought in money and earned him a weekly column in the local newspaper. McClosky's first book "Tales Along One Arm Creek" was a compilation of those stories.

In 1996 a little one eyed Pekinese stray, whom McClosky named Inky, came into his life and changed both McClosky's life and his writing. McClosky's books "Warrior Ching" and" Inky And John" are about the real and imagined adventures of Inky. Each has a sequel in progress, "The Kidnapping Of Mrs. Ching" and "Inky In Space".

McClosky's columns run in The Jacksonville Daily Progress.  His books are available at The Texas Store in Bullard.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.