Businesses In Jacksonville Have Windows Shot By Pellet Guns

Jacksonville police are on extra patrol after a number of businesses get their windows shot out with pellet and BB guns.  Officials say four incidents were reported on Tuesday and Wednesday night on South Jackson St.  Business owners are angry they're having to pay for the costly repairs.  They're also worried other businesses are next and that maybe next time, someone will get hurt.

"It makes me very angry for the simple fact that I'm out $2,500 to have this replaced and at the same time it can happen again tomorrow," said Interiors Unlimited owner Jessie Pitcock.  His business had one window shot out Tuesday, then another one on Wednesday.

Pitcock says he believes juveniles are behind this and he's concerned that if they're not stopped, someone will get hurt. "This is an instance that I can repair," said Pitcock.   "But if they shoot somebody walking down the street, they may shoot somebody in the eye or hit somebody in a spot that they could do physical damage and be paralyzed for the rest of their lives."

Down the block, "Musick Flowers And Gifts" is another business that was hit.  "We came in to work Wednesday morning and the door was shattered, apparently an air rifle," said the store's owner Hazel Simmons.

Further south on Highway 69 at "Ca'jon Fish Fry" the owner, Lajuana Lewis, has put up a board after her window was shattered by a pellet gun.  Lewis says it's going to cost her at least $300 to replace her window. She says the incident is also costing her business. "I closed one day, and then it's gonna cost and then the customers might drive by and then say, 'I don't wanna stop by there,'" said Lewis.

Pitcock says he hopes whomever is responsible realizes how much their actions have affected their small business.  "It's frustrating because one little profit that I make off this business, I gotta turn around and repair something that somebody else has done," said Pitcock.

And, until those responsible are caught, Pitcock says everyone should be on the lookout to make sure they're brought to justice.  The Jacksonville Police Department says it does not have any suspects at this time.  If you have any information, contact officials.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.