East Texas Moms, Doctor React To Coach Returning To Work 5 Hours After Childbirth

When Jo Anna Hill heard about Carol Russell's story, she had a hard time putting herself in the coach's shoes.

"I've had three babies so I know from personal experience you'll need all the rest you can get," says Jo Anna surrounded by her three girls at the park.

Kay Barrington, also a mom, adds, "Not only are you exhausted mentally and physically but you have this amazing bonding opportunity with your infant that you never get again."

Kay's youngest had some complications after being born three weeks early.

"Honestly for me my family comes first and so I could never envision giving up time with my babies to give up something in my life that comes second, third or fourth on my priority list," says Kay.

"Most of my patients I really recommend taking a few days before going to normal activities," says OB/GYN Dr. Richard Tutt.

Dr. Tutt has practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Tyler for 24 years.

While he found Coach Russell's story surprising, he says her five-hour stay at the hospital after childbirth is not unusual.

"As long as someone has an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, not a c-section, didn't have any problems with the delivery they should be able to return to normal activities very quickly," says Dr. Tutt.

Coach Russell's doctors gave her the okay to return. But for other women, their bodies have to adjust going from a pregnant state to a non-pregnant state.

Dr. Tutt says,"It's tiring when you go through labor. It's a difficult procedure you have to go through."

While things worked out for Coach Russell, others moms won't be giving this brief "maternity leave" a shot.

"I always thought I was tough, she must be really tough," says Jo Anna.