Second Tyler Man Randomly Attacked With BB Gun

Another Tyler man says he was the target of random violence.  Wednesday, KLTV told you about Nam Park, 55 who had been shot several times in the back with a BB gun and once in the forehead.  Thursday, another man says he was shot late Monday night while walking to his home at Meadowbrook Apartments on Paluxy Drive. Tuesday night, just around the corner, Park says he was shot several times at hidden springs apartments on Shiloh Road.

Just like every night, Paul Humphries of Tyler came home from work around 11:30 p.m. Monday and parked his car. He says he noticed a car behind this dumpster, but didn't think anything of it.

"You see cars come and go all the time," said Paul Humphries who was shot with BB gun.  "My first thought was just people putting trash in the dumpster." Humphries says when he got out of his car and started walking toward his apartment he heard gunshots.  That's when he ran.

"It shot a lot of BB's quickly," said Humphries. "Like lots of different shots were fired. At least 20 were shot my way.  It got me in the leg pretty good, but that was the only place they got me, so I was lucky." Humphries says he's not surprised someone else was attacked, and hopes those responsible read this story before it's too late.

"Somebody could get killed if they got shot in the right place, and it's not worth it for a little bit of fun out of seeing someone else's misery," said Humphries. "It's not worth it.  This guy is going to get a felony. Why waist your life like that?".  Humphries says he was not able to get a good look at the shooter or the car. Tyler police say they are aware of the recent BB gun attacks and will keep an extra watch on the area the shootings happened. So far, police have no suspects and ask anyone with information to call Tyler police.

Molly Reuter, reporting.