No Glass Slippers Here, Bearcats Call It Destiny

Basketball fans are still scratching their heads.

A 19-13 team that was the seventh seed in the Region XIV Tournament is headed to nationals. It seems like a fairy tale or a Cinderella story... but not to the Bearcats.

"I don't remember anybody trying a slipper on our foot," said LMC Head Coach Dale Dotson. "Cinderella was a good looking girl. You see these guys they aren't very good looking but they can play basketball."

No pumpkin carriage or glass slippers for this group, but the Bearcats are still a surprise. After a shaky start to the season, a late spark lifted the Bearcats into the regional tournament where they took down one top seed after another.

"They consider us the underdog," said guard Michael Hall, "but I feel every player on this team is as good as anybody in the league."

"People look at records and don't look at players," Coach Dotson added.

"We always say go hard or go home," said tournament MVP, Jerel Hastings, "and we aren't coming home till we win."

The trip to the national tournament is the third for Dale Dotson as coach.

"They made a guarantee to me that they were going to win the regional tournament," Dotson said, "and here we are."

The Bearcats have won four straight, always being looked at as the underdog.

On second thought, being called a Cinderella team may not be such a bad thing.

"Cinderella, I kind of like it though," Hall said. "We are going to sneak in steal the conference championship like we did and we are going to steal the national championship too.

Lon Morris will play Southwest Tennessee Community College Tuesday, March 20, at noon in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The mayor of Jacksonville and Bearcat fans will give the team a big sendoff from the Vivian and Bob Smith Event Center on the Lon Morris Campus, Saturday, March 17, at 2 p.m.