New Scam Offers Job To East Texas Family

A warning to anyone looking for a job and posting their resume online.  A job offer scam has made its way to America, and has now hit one East Texas family too close to home. It's a fake job offer from one of the biggest names in oil and gas.

Jerrod Bowen of Longview recently came home from serving a tour in Iraq. He needed a temporary job to support his family before heading back so he posted his resume on several national websites. He soon got a response.

"The email said that I had an offer from Shell Petroleum Development Company in the United Kingdom," says Jerrod.

A week later he got another e-mail with a contract attached, explaining the job and offering the couple 276,000 dollars a year to work overseas.

"When we got the offer I was actually dancing around the house saying 'we're going to England' seemed very real, the contract covered all of its bases, it had the letterhead on it, had a telephone number, emails, it was in legalese so it looked very very authentic," he says.

The e-mail also said an immigration officer would contact the Bowens to send money for immigration papers and legal fees. That didn't seem right to Melissa so she went to the Internet.

"I typed in the name of CEO that's on the contract and that brought a website out of Wales, that stated that there is this Internet scam going on, for fraudulent job offers," says Melissa Bowen, Jerrod's wife.

Shell's website warns about this kind of scam, saying they will never ask for money during the job recruitment process.

"I'm really proud that we were able to catch it before it happened, but I'm also very angered at the fact that we're not trying to be a part of get rich quick husband is just wanting to provide for his family," she says.

Melissa just hopes others will do their homework and not fall prey to a scam plays with their bank account and their emotions.

Better Business Bureau says Melissa was right on. They say anytime a company asks for money up front, that's a red flag. They say always do your research and remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: