7 On Your Side:Greyhound Lost Luggage

Last September, Sheree Styden, her husband, Douglas, and their three children traveled more than a thousand miles from Kingman, Arizona to make East Texas their home.

"Plane tickets, I mean it was unreal traveling with three children. So we decided to travel the Greyhound way," says Sheree.

They packed everything they owned in two large bags, and finally arrived to Greyhound's Greenville bus station, but it would only be with the clothes on their backs. Their luggage was missing when the bags were unloaded.

"I ain't the richest man in the world, you know, I had a lot of stuff in there," says Douglas Styden.

Sheree adds, "All our clothes and our jeans, boxers, socks, the kids' good shoes. Everything! Every article of clothing we had! There were pictures in there, all the kids' birth certificates, social security cards."

It would be the beginning of four months of haggling with Greyhound says Sheree. She filed a claim and listed the lost contents of her luggage, valued at $3,580.

But Greyhound told KLTV 7 today, Sheree will only get a $250 check.

"That doesn't even touch how much we've lost!," Sheree exclaims. "This has affected every aspect of our lives. I mean we had to start over with absolutely nothing!"

While it will take some time to stock up on clothes, Sheree says there's other things Greyhound has lost that they can never get back.

"My grandfather was very important in my life. He was more of a father figure. He passed away three years ago and I had pictures of him holding the kids. There's no replacing that," Sheree says.

In the end Greyhound is too at a loss, the Styden's deciding not to do business with the bus line again.

Greyhound officials said they don't know how they lost the bags or why they could not be traced.

The company claims $250 is the most they're allowed to reimburse for lost luggage.

At our request, they're checking to see if the family can file a second claim, so they can be reimbursed for the second lost bag.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com