Medical Waste Found Near East Texas Park

An Athens resident finds medical waste in his three acre lot located next to a park on Gibson Road in Athens.   The containers, which are designed to hold used needles are from ETMC. Hospital officials say they believe the discovered medical waste is related to a theft that occurred four months ago from the Athens Hospital. Tuesday afternoon, ETMC officials were busy looking for every last needle. Jim Boyd found the medical waste while brush hogging is yard.

"School lets out and on the weekends kids play out there all the time and after school they are over on the basketball court, the swing set everything else," said Jim Boyd who found the medical waste. "That was my biggest concern. The kids don't know anything about bio hazard materials how viscous those, the needles can be. "   ETMC says it will continue to work with the Athens Police Department until all needles will be properly disposed of.

Molly Reuter, reporting.