Family Of Abducted Infant Elated at Safe Return

Twenty-one year old Rayshaun Parson has waived extradition from New Mexico.  She is being returned to Lubbock where she'll face the charge of one of the most devastating of crimes for a parent -- the abduction of a three-day-old child.

Monday, the family of that little girl spoke to reporters.

"We've said it, all basically, thank you God for basically everything you did -- Amber Alert, Covenant Hospital," said the father of infant Mychael Darthard-Dawodu, Michael Dawodu.

That news conference was at that same hospital in Lubbock where the abduction took place.  Little Mychael looks just fine.  Doctors say she is.  For a day, no one knew whether the newborn was alive or dead.

"About midnight Saturday night, investigators received a tip here at Lubbock P.D. that a female matching the subject's description was in Clovis, New Mexico," says Police Lieutenant Scott Hudgens.

A woman said Parsons had told people at her Clovis apartment she was pregnant, but they didn't believe her.  Now, she suddenly had a baby.  Officer Paul Crowe was told to find out more.

"I just had a feeling if I was close then I needed to go out and do everything in my power to try to find this baby. So we were able to send two separate teams of investigators to two separate locations, and we actually located the baby and the suspect almost simultaneously," he said.

Time was critical. The jaundiced baby at just five pounds needed to be back in the hospital.

The family just wants to hold her now.

"We're just happy to have her back, and it's not that we're not gratified, we'd just like some privacy with the family, and spend some time with her," says Darrell Darthard, the infant's grandfather.

Meanwhile, one question remains -- how could this ever happen?

"Clearly, we need to take security to a higher standard. This individual was pretty sophisticated, or at least knowledgeable about what happens in health care institutions," says Covenant Health System vice president Gwen Stafford.

The infant was wearing an electronic monitor that is supposed to keep abductions like this from happening. The hospital says it was removed.