Bald Eagles Make Their Way To East Texas

It's our nation's official bird and East Texans can now see it up close in the wild.   A nest of bald eagles have made a home along FM 2661, just south of Lake Placid Road, near Chandler.   The birds have migrated there every spring for the past three years and now they're back.

Kids of all ages stare in awe at a nest of three bald eagles, now calling East Texas home. Dozens of people pull off on the side of the road to get a look at what everyone describes as simply magnificent creatures.

"It's a wonderful work of art from God and we're just so privileged we get to see it," said Sharon Cohangen from Overton.

"When you can actually come out and see them in person instead of a picture or on TV or something, it makes it a little bit special," said Scott Kennedy from Tyler.

And no one knows more about how special these eagles are than Janet Pawlowski.  Her family travels the nation observing them.  "Anywhere that we hear that there's a large migration of birds or if there's a good place to go see them, we're there," she said.

It's their second year to visit this nest, sitting on the side of road all day, taking photos and selling them to locals.  "It's the love of taking pictures and the bird, I mean they're fascinating," she explained. "We're hooked on them."

And East Texas is lucky to have such a site to see. Bald eagles were on the verge of extinction with just a small population in Texas alone.

"You don't see them very often, most people see them at the zoo or something like that.  It's not very common to be able to see them in the wild," Janet said.

That's why she encourages everyone to stop by and take a look at our nation's bird, up close and personal.

"Sometimes there's a long of time before there's some activity, but whenever they come, and they fly in with something, it's worth the wait."

The eagle's eggs are close to hatching. Janet says in about month you'll be able to see the babies hopping around in the nest.

Tracy Watler, Reporting.