Proud Of East Texas: Rad Arner

Matching the words together, Rad Arner says, was his biggest challenge in embroidering the U.S.Constitution. Never mind that it took 750 hours for the design, layout, and needlework, or that there were two million stitches in the 4,550 word document. A self proclaimed "American Patriot", Arner says it was God who put the idea to do the project into his mind.

Although embroidering the Constitution may have seemed like an impossible dream, Arner is no stranger to challenges. After loosing his hearing as a toddler, Arner went on to learn to speak, read lips, and to sign. He graduated from college with a degree in engineering and worked for Nasa and Lockeed Martin. Arner and his wife Josephine, who also lost her hearing as a child, raised five hearing children who have given them 12 grandchildren.

Arner plans to offer his one of a kind embroidered Constitution on E Bay with hopes that a public institution, such as a college or library will purchase it. This would enable more pople to see and enjoy what Rad Arner describes as "a work of art that God taught him how to make".

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.