East Texas Pastor Holds Conference To Help Abused Children

An East Texas pastor is going from town to town, letting abused children know they are not alone.   Pastor Charles Burn, of New Zion #1 Baptist Church in Tyler held the first You Are Not Alone Conference today. He invited local leaders to speak this morning in downtown Tyler about child abuse and sexual child abuse in East Texas. Burn says he wants the world to know East Texas is a good place to live and that it will not tolerate anyone hurting out children.

"I hope that those that are abusing our children will quit and know that there are people out there watching and they will get caught, and also that God can save them," said New Zion #1 Baptist Church Pastor Charles Burns. "I also want our young people to know that they are not alone and whatever they are going through to know we are on there side, so speak out on it and don't keep it in."

Burns says he hopes to hold a conference once a month in every East Texas town.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com