Four Longview Brothers Serving In Guard

For one group of Longview brothers, service and duty to country has become a family affair.   24 year old sergeant Rex Alford was the first to join the Texas Army National Guard when he got out of high school 6 years ago, and his 3 brothers have since joined him.

"It's a great feeling we've always wanted to do it ever since we were in school, I think it's a great felling that I can have brothers serving serve right next to me" says Rex.

22 year old Ryan, 24 year old Rodney and 27 year old Ritchie decided, if one would serve, they all would serve.

"They just one by one came to me and asking me how they could get in, our parents really wanted us to do something with our lives,  and this was one way that we could do all together" he says.

"It's tremendous it says a lot about not just the brothers but it says a lot about their parents, also who not only raised the Alford family 4 fine young men but also raised them to have pride in themselves pride in their family and pride in their country and to have all of them serve at the same time is phenomenal" says First Sergeant Matt Rifley.

With large numbers of guard and reserve units called to front line action, the alfords are worried about getting separated. Military regulations keep brothers from serving in the same combat unit. But they want to stay together.

"There is a concern I don't want my brothers to go anywhere in a danger zone without me and I 'm sure they feel the same way" Rex says.

They are committed to serve and to each other.

"Nothing better than serving with your brothers in arms really are your brothers" Rex says.

Rodney is in basic training, while Ryan is back home from duty in the middle east. Ritchie and Rex are stationed in East Texas with the Gregg and Harrison County Guard units.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting