Motive In "Dragging" Yet To Be Determined

Justin Weaver is the sole suspect arrested in connection with the so-called dragging that left 26-year-old Christopher Wright bruised and bloodied in a hospital bed.

Weaver has since bonded out of jail, but never showed up to a scheduled appointment to meet with the district attorney.

"[Weaver] made a decision with the advise of his attorney to not come in and that's his right. However we go forward with the information we do have," says Hopkins County District Attorney Martin Braddy.

Braddy says investigators have made progress by interviewing more witnesses Thursday, but says more facts are needed to pinpoint a motive.

"We're definitely looking into the situation at the bar, things that were said, things that were done. We're also looking into the prior relationship between the victim and the suspect," says Braddy.

"I don't know who was the person to start something. But I don't think [my grandson] was the one to bring out all of that anger," says Wright's grandmother Linnie Wright.

She just returned from the hospital before our interview, overwhelmed by the condition the grandchild she helped raise was in.

"When we walked in and they told him who we were he cried," says Linnie Wright crying. "He looked so...helpless. He couldn't say anything. He just looked at us with his bloody eyes."

According the complaint, Wright was partially inside the GMC Yukon on the driver's side when the defendant accelerated until the victim fell from the window.

"The classification of dragging indicates [the victim] was tied behind something or attached in some way, and it really wasn't a dragging in that sense. In our view it was a falling from a moving vehicle and suffering severe injuries," says Braddy.

When all the evidence from the case is in-house, then it will be determine if it will go to a grand jury.

Wright's grandmother says during her visit her grandson was unable to speak, his face and mouth are still swollen, along with his right arm.

We tried to speak with the suspect's attorney who declined to comment on camera.

Christine Nelson reporting.