On The Court The Bulldogs Are All At Home

Five of the Jarvis Christian College Bulldogs call Texas home. For the other ten, home is either New York, California, Louisiana, or Kansas.

"I don't know how to explain it, we just jelled," said guard James Woodson.

On this one team there are at least five different styles of play and five very different backgrounds.

"Their type of lifestyle is different from a southern type of lifestyle," Woodson said. "We've got a player from the West coast and he's used to being laid back, just chilling. (The Texas players) are just used to going out, just hard. Whereas the people in New York are ready to play all day."

Those big city styles jelled together in Hawkins, population 1,300.

"We didn't know what to expect coming to Hawkins," said forward Marshall Winfrey. "I didn't know how big it was or small it was. We had to get used to the railroads the first night. We couldn't go to sleep, they kept waking us us."

"The one thing I promised them all was that they would have plenty of time to stay focused on their books," said head coach William Sperow.

But whether they are big city or have small town roots, East coast or West coast, for the Bulldogs it all comes back to basketball.

"We've all basically been playing ball for a long time so," said Brandon Martin. "It's like when we get onto the court, we're all at home."

The Jarvis men open the NAIA National Tournament Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. against 8th-ranked Auburn-Montgomery College.