Early Morning Drug Round Up

An early morning drug round up in East Texas lands six alleged drug dealers behind bars.   Before the sun came up, the Rusk County Sheriff's Department went all over the county Thursday serving 14 arrest warrants for delivery of a controlled substance. Deputies were able to find six alleged dryg dealer at their homes.   The sheriff's department says Alan Crowch, 36 and Jeremy Kuykendall, 25 are two of its bigger dealers. Both face up to 20 years in prison.

For almost a year, under cover narcotic investigators with the Rusk County Sheriff's Department have been buying illegal drugs from those in their county.

"We get information by telephone, surveillance, we use informants and just lots of man hours," said Rusk County Sheriff Glen Deason. Thursday morning, with a search warrant in hand, deputies were finally able to arrest those they have been watching all year.  Deputies first went to a home in Price.  That's where they found Kuykendall, who deputies say has sold methamphetamine to them several times.  Thursday morning, the sheriff's department also found a meth bong inside the home he was staying at.

"They think they are invincible," said Deason. "They think they are not going to get caught. I guess you can say they have an attitude as well as a problem selling dope." Back at the sheriff's department, Crowch waited for his booking and arraignment. Deputies say Crowch has sold drugs for years.

"On his back porch there was a video camera, and inside was the TV screen and he was watching everything outside," said Deason.  "Apparently he wasn't paying attention because he could of seen us coming." A high school student, William Smith, 18 was also arrested, deputies say for selling marijuana at school.

"One of my campaign promises when I ran for this office was we are going to get back in the dope business, and that's what we did today," said Deason. "We are letting them know we are here. " As long as drugs remain in Rusk County, the sheriff's department says this morning's round up is just one of many more to come.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com