A Better East Texas: The Castle Doctrine

When criminals break into your house they intend to steal from you, do you bodily harm, or both. Usually they're trying to support a drug habit that brings them pleasure. So the only way to combat their drive for this pleasure is to create a greater sense of possible pain. If a criminal thinks they are going to be shot, or worse killed if they break into your home they may think twice before doing it.

Current Texas law requires a homeowner to make an attempt to escape before defending themself in their own home. That's placing the responsibility of the intruders decision on the innocent homeowner and that's not right.

Well, there's a new bill currenlty working its way through the Texas legislature called the "Castle Doctrine" which gives homeowners more rights in defending their property and loved ones. A similar law was passed in Oklahoma in the 90's and so far burglaries have been cut almost in half in that state. The Texas legislation currently has the support of all east texas legislators. You need to let them know how you feel about it.

Laws like this designed to help citizens collectively fight the criminal element will make this a better east texas.

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Brad, this will of interest re the Castle Doctrine.

I don't know the source or validity of this info, but

was of interest to me as Bob Delk is a long time friend.

We enjoy your comments and appeciate you and all the staff

st the station.

I'm sure we have been saying, for years, that this is what would happen.

Thanks, Charles

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