DST May Leave Your Cell Phone DOA

Your hi-tech smart phone might seem pretty dumb come this weekend. Daylight Savings Time goes into effect Sunday morning, the "spring forward" moved up a few weeks this year.

And that's a problem for some.

Blackberries, Treos, and many other phones that have planners or calendars will need to be updated before the change, or else come Sunday morning, you'll be an hour late.

But carrier websites have software fixes for you to download. For everyone else with a normal cell phone, there's some advice as well.

"All the systems are going to be an hour off because of the time change for Daylight Savings Time.  Basically, what most people have to do is turn the phone off and back on after the change is made Saturday night," says Mark Morrison of Tri-Star Wireless in Tyler.

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Morgan Palmer, Reporting morganpalmer@kltv.com