Parents Petitioning To Keep Tyler School Open

A petition to keep a Tyler school open is beginning to circulate among some local parents.

There's a possibility Jones Elementary could be closed down and consolidated with the new Peete Elementary school being built nearby.

Parents, like David Woods, say his kids are doing well at Jones because of the small school size and would hate to see that change.

"The education they're receiving here is fantastic, they're allowed to progress. If they're working above the grade level, they're kept challenged," says Woods.

TISD Interim Superintendent Gary Mooring commented saying, "My job as administrator was to get the discussion going. And for the board to have information to have that discussion. So it's going to be placed on the March 22nd board meeting for discussion only."

We're told some concerned parents plan to be at that board meeting.

TISD says no action will be taken on the situation at that time.

Christine Nelson reporting.