Carthage Bull Rider Wins Big

An East Texas bull rider is coming off what many in rodeo circles are calling the upset of a lifetime, after winning a bull riding event in Oklahoma in February. It was 8 seconds on the back of a bull in Oklahoma city that East Texan Clayton Williams will not forget. A winner of numerous amateur titles, no one on the pro circuit knew who he was or gave him any chance to even qualify from among 225 riders at the dickies pbr championships in Oklahoma.

"With a win like that just the instant notoriety and the money you bet it changed my life" Clayton says.

"You know I'm happy for anybody who's been a help to me who's believed in me all the way my family" he says.

But his tenacious third round ride put him on the rodeo map.

"An event like that when you're matched up with the best of the best and you rise to the top and show that your not just a hat in the crowd, who wants to be just a bull rider you want to be a champion bull rider, I always say myself as being able to be there at the top and at the end of the week I was on top" he says.

His family business is breeding rodeo bulls, and he started riding at an early age. Though the Oklahoma event was dominated by veteran bull riders, Williams had no doubts.

"The odds are stacked against you from the get go just from the numbers 10 out of 225, a lot of the guys looking from the outside in it looks like a Cinderella story for those that didn't know me" says Clayton.

At 21 he got a 200-thousand dollar payday for winning, and says its just the beginning.

"I just look forward to keep going and keep winning just letting everybody know that this isn't a one time deal I'm here to stay" he says.

Williams Oklahoma win qualifies him for the PBR world finals to be held in Las Vegas in October.

Bob Hallmark/