Dog Stolen Out Of Woman's Parked Car

Stolen right out her parked car. Now, a Longview woman begs to have her ten year old dog returned.   Sunday afternoon Bj James stopped by Walgreens on Loop 281 in Longview to pick up a prescription. That's when she says someone took her purebred Yorkshire Terrier right out of her car. Now, she says she's so distraught she can't eat or sleep.

"When I opened the (car) door, it was the most frightful thing I think in my entire life, my baby was gone."

Bj James is talking about her silver-haired Yorkie terrier named Mr. McKnight. She says he was stolen out her locked car when she stepped inside a store for just ten minutes.

"I just got hysterical, I started crying, I ran into the store and asked for the manager," she says.

Bj has called police, but so far, nothing.

"I've been very, very upset and I don't want to start crying, I've done it for over two days."

Bj considers McKnight her baby, a child she's taken care of for ten years and even though she has three children and eight grandchildren, she says McKnight was her friend.

"My best friend, my baby."

He's been there for her through seven painful surgeries.

"This is why I've gotten through all my surgeries, is that little boy I would think about," Bj says.

But now he's gone and she has her theory as to why.

"They see a person like me who is handicapped and they know it's an easy mark.

Bj says terriers are very valuable.  Her's is probably worth a thousand dollars.  And the fact they didn't take her black Chihuahua leads her to believe whoever's responsible is stealing for money and not thinking about the consequences.

"I just don't know whether I'm ever going to get over this or not. My heart's broken.  I can stand physical pain, it's just that my heart, my heart, is broken and I just want him back."

A monetary reward is available for the return of the Yorkie Terrier. If you have any information, contact Sergeant Pendleton with the Longview Police Department at 903-237-2716.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: