Ticket Selling Surges For Record Mega Millions Jackpot

At a rate of 10,000 tickets per minute, Texans were snapping up tickets for the Mega Millions jackpot drawing Tuesday night, where $370 million dollars is on the line.

"You think you have a chance in the world of winning?" asks the reporter.

"No way, no way," says a player at a Tyler convenience store.

"But you still play, just to get lucky."

Even for those who play all the time and don't win, the hopes don't fade.  It's in their mind's eye, but their list is already made.

"Every day of the week there will be a new motorcycle," says another player.

For those who work behind the counter, they know someone's got to get rich, and as the day gets busier, the play slips need a little explanation to some.

Others say they have never played the Lottery, but are buying a ticket for the first time.

"Why did you decide to play today?" asks the reporter.

"I heard it on the radio. It's a lot of money. Yeah."

For a family, that money would come in handy.

"Oh gosh, I'd go on permanent vacation. Where? Anywhere I wanted to go."

Twelve states participate in the Mega Millions game, with the previous U.S. record lottery jackpot of $363 million for a Big Game payout in 2000.

The odds of winning?  One-in-176 million.

Morgan Palmer, reporting, morganpalmer@kltv.com