Former Gregg County Assistant DA Pleads Guilty To Third DWI

He was a Chief Felony Prosecutor for the Gregg County District Attorney's office but now, he's the one serving a sentence. Former Assistant District Attorney Lance Larison pleaded guilty to his third DWI offense in court Monday.

It was a hot summer day on these streets that officers arrested Lance Larison for Driving While Intoxicated a third time.   And it was on Monday's chilly morning that he pled guilty to that charge.

"I want this to be a moment that you remember in your life because you just got sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary," says visiting judge Ben Grant.

Larison will serve seven years probation, and must serve 10 days in jail.  Despite three DWI convictions, his law license will not be taken away and he can still practice law privately. It's a plea bargain Mothers Against Drunk Driving is not happy about.

"Regarding the plea, of course we're disappointed with the arrangements that were made with the probation...we are here today to make sure that no one is above the law, not even a public servant," says Melissa Granberry, a victim services specialist with MADD of East Texas.

Many of Larison's friends and family came to show their support including Debbie Hendrix. Her son was brutally murdered in Gladewater almost four years ago.

"He put the two guys away that murdered my son and he's just like part of my family and I think we all need to pray for him, you know, he's human, he deserves another chance," she says.

Larison would not give us comment, instead saying, "I think I'm going to refer questions to my attorney.

But he did release a statement, saying, "I wish to apologize to all those whom I have hurt by my conduct, especially to my friends, family, and the law enforcement community which I served for so many years. I have no excuse."

Aside from the seven years probation, Larison has also been fined 1,250 dollars and must serve 160 hours of community service.

Tracy Watler, Reporting: