A Better East Texas: Debate Over HPV Vaccine

The debate over the HPV vaccine, and whether Governor Rick Perry should order every schoolgirl to take it, went to a new level in the state Senate last week.  Our very own Senator Kevin Eltiffe took center stage.  What you are about to see is the head of the Texas Health Commission, a man appointed by Governor Rick Perry, being questioned by Senator Eltiffe.

Eltife: "I am asking as commissioner of health, do you believe that requiring an HPV vaccine is an emergency situation? That's all I am asking." Health Commissioner: "I don't really have a direct answer for that." Eltife: "You are the commissioner of health, how can I vote for your appointment or renewal if you can't tell me as commissioner of health, if this is an emergency or not an emergency?"

Its amazing to me that the head of the state health department, recently re-appointed to his job by the Governor, wasn't prepared or refused to respond to a simple question about the vaccine. But at least we can be proud that an East Texas senator has the courage and tenacity to challenge the bureaucracy and make this a better east texas.