How can I know if skill training is right for my child?

ANSWER: You must have your child's cognitive skills strength tested. Then you can evaluate the impact their skills strength or weakness may be having on their academic performance. If cognitive skill weakness is discovered, training can help.

Everyone has and uses cognitive skills every day. No one would suffer from having those skills trained and strengthened. Even the most gifted students stand to gain a great deal from properly designed and delivered cognitive skill training, however, the child who struggles because of one of more weak underlying skills stands ready to revolutionize their ability to learn.

This is why we begin our relationship with every prospective student by giving them a cognitive skill evaluation. This evaluation is designed to identify weak skills. We do not "diagnose" your child, nor do we have to classify or label them. We believe, and years of evidence support the fact, that most students can learn faster and easier if weak skills are specifically identified and trained.

The first step to discovering the potential of skill training for you child is to come to our office and have a skill test performed by our staff. We keep the cost of the testing very affordable (a token of what you would pay other professionals) so that you have no reason to wait. If your child struggles because of one or more weak underlying skills, this test will reveal it, and give you positive steps to take to understand the cause of their learning problem, and solve it once for all time.

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