How can cognitive skills best be strengthened?

ANSWER: Cognitive skills (like physical skills) are strengthened by exercising them, not lecturing them! Cognitive skills respond to intense, sequenced, repetitive training exercises in much the same way as muscle strength increases in response to repetitions of progressive resistance exercise.

If you were planning on building muscle strength, would you look for a program that trained and exercised the muscles, or a book or tape that tried to encourage or shame the muscle into becoming stronger? Of course you would recognize the necessity for repetition of the right kind of exercises that isolated and "worked" the specific muscles.

Cognitive skill strengthening can be understood in the same way. The individual skills must be identified and "worked" using targeted and intense drills and exercises. Drills that work the specific underlying skills produce results that cannot be duplicated by encouragement, extra homework, or motivational discipline.

Proper training is intense, focused work. Distractions have to be managed properly so they become part of the training procedure rather than a hindrance to it. Feedback needs to be relevant and immediate to have its full effect.

These reasons and more require that the training be delivered one-on-one for maximum effectiveness. The one-on-one training allows for an intensity that produces changes fast. This is important for reasons beyond merely satisfying our impatience. Kids who struggle with learning problems often develop a habit of underachieving or failure as a defense mechanism. By producing big noticeable changes fast, they can "risk" trying hard again. Success actually experienced is the greatest motivation builder.

To sum up, cognitive skills are best strengthened through targeted, focused and intense drills and mental exercises. For maximum effectiveness, these should be delivered face to face in one-on-one training sessions. They must be tailored to the individual student needs, and they must be able to produce noticeable, measurable changes rapidly. The programs at LearningRx are designed around these very important requirements.

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