How is LearningRx training different than tutoring or academic help?

ANSWER: LearningRx identifies and strengthens weak cognitive skills in students who struggle and enhances cognitive skills in students looking for a competitive edge. Tutoring or extra academic study cannot strengthen these underlying skills.

We identify and strengthen weak underlying learning skills. Tutoring and homework centers focus on subject or task specific help, not basic underlying processing skills.

We focus our efforts on understanding and developing a student's weak cognitive skills. These are the skills (such as memory, image and sound processing, logic, reasoning, and mental processing speed) a student uses every time they face a new learning challenge.

Cognitive skills are the foundation of a student's ability to learn. If they are weak, learning is difficult or impossible. When weaknesses are identified and strengthened, through accurate testing and properly designed training, learning potential will increase across all subjects.

If other factors such as a positive home environment, encouragement, and adequate instruction in school are present, a student with strong cognitive skills will learn faster and easier.

In summary, tutoring or homework centers help students use the cognitive learning ability they have. We help students increase that cognitive learning capacity.

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