At LearningRX we treat causes, not symptoms

LearningRx Centers help individuals of all ages and performance levels. Unlike tutoring or computer-based programs that focus on behavior management or specific academic skills, LearningRx provides cognitive skills training that improve the brain's ability to process information.

In other words, LearningRX does for mental abilities what exercise does for the body.

Treat Causes Not Symptoms

The LearningRx training programs go beyond the symptoms of academic struggles to attack the root problem - the limitations to the student's ability to learn. The training enhances underlying cognitive skills required to learn effectively:

  • auditory processing,
  • attention skills,
  • comprehension,
  • visual processing,
  • memory, and
  • problem solving.

Once strengthened, these skills enhance the student's capacity to learn. Positive side effects often include improvement in self-esteem, confidence, and lifetime potential for achievement.

  • LearningRx benefit students (grades K-12) and adults who struggle with learning or reading problems, or specifically suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), specific learning disabilities, dyslexia, and other reading disabilities.
  • LearningRx utilizes specific skills testing to identify weak skills, and then uses proven, intense, one-on-one cognitive drills to enhance weak comprehension, processing speed, memory, attention skills, auditory processing, visualization, and logic and reasoning.

LearningRx Can Significantly Help Those Who:

  • Have trouble staying on task
  • Make careless errors repeatedly
  • Are easily distracted
  • Have difficulty sounding out words
  • Reverse letters or words
  • Have problems creating a mental picture
  • Forget instructions
  • Have trouble understanding what is read
  • Are slow to complete a task
  • Have problems handling a complex task

A Powerful, Positive Option

If you or someone you know struggles to learn or read, weak underlying cognitive skills may be the reason. If this is the cause of the learning difficulty, it can be corrected and you can experience a lifetime of faster, easier learning and reading. Contact the nearest LearningRx Center and learn more about cognitive skills training and how it can improve your life.

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