Evacuation Order Lifted After Train Derailment, Massive Fire

An evacuation order has been lifted tonight for an area surrounding a train derailment earlier Sunday.   Lubricant oil and glycol have been involved in a large fire at the derailment site, and while the large plume of smoke has not been deemed toxic, inhalation could cause respiratory distress.   We are told one person has been taken to East Texas Medical Center with respiratory distress.

As much as 30,000 gallons of oil substances spilled into the Neches River on the far northern reaches of Lake Palestine.  The City of Tyler has decided, as a precaution, to shut down the Lake Palestine Water Treatment Plant.

Many people went to Tyler's Harvey Convention Center, which was an evacuation point.  The American Red Cross also opened a shelter at St. Louis Baptist Church, 4000 Frankston Highway.

About 500 people were involved in this evacuation.

Along the railroad tracks, our crews saw significant damage to the railroad tracks and a crossing, indicating the train was off the tracks for some time before coming to rest.  We are told 28 cars left the tracks.

Also, in southeastern Smith County, particularly in the Flint/Gresham areas, smoke from this fire is settling as winds have begun to subside.  Those with respiratory distress are advised to stay indoors if smoke is detected.

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