Freedom Fighters: Sam and Christine Craycraft

Sam and Christine Craycraft both served in the U.S. Army during World War Two, Sam in the Signal Corps and Christine as an Army Nurse. Christine was assigned to the Willie Beaumont General Army Hospital in El Paso, while Sam, whom Christine was later to marry, went into the Army in 1941 and by 1942 was in the South Pacific.

Communications during World War Two would seem primitive by today's standards, no satellites and no cell phones. If telephone lines couldn't be strung on coconut trees, then they were run along the ground, often under the fire of battle.

Sam spent three years in the South Pacific and he and Christine both returned to Mt. Enterprise in 1946. They had slightly known each other before the war but didn't become a couple until afterwards. The Craycrafts have been married sixty years and although they are proud to have served their country, they say "that was a long long time ago."

Joan Hallmark, Reporting