Marshall Principal Resigns Over Drug Paraphernalia

An East Texas high school principal resigns after being cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A strange series of events led up today's announcement by the Marshall Independent School District.   First year Marshall high school principal, 49 year old Richard Davis, turned in his resignation last night. Harrison county sheriff deputies say Davis was confronted at a rest stop near Hallsville on Tuesday, where witnesses say he was acting suspiciously.

Authorities say they found drug paraphernalia in Davis' car, and cited him for a class C misdemeanor. Both school administrators and parents were astonished at the incident, with administrators taking immediate action to get Davis resignation. But that has done little to calm the angry parents.

"It's hard to believe that someone in this position, that he is with children all around, would even take a chance of doing something like that. I just heard about it I couldn't believe it," said area resident Peggy Granberry.

"Everyone seemed to like him. He was a good guy; nobody had any complaints and I had a lot of confidence in him, until this second. Now, I just don't want him anywhere near my child," said Deborah Casteel, the mother of a Marshall high school student.

Davis was not arrested in the incident, although it would have been within the deputies authority to do so, but instead he was ticketed.

School administrators have assigned counselors to help students deal with the incident. Davis, who is listed as having a Dallas residence, was unavailable for comment.

Bob Hallmark, reporting,