911 Caller Talks About Moments Surrounding Shooting

He called 911 as the shots were fired. Instead of heading for cover, Michael Gonzalez, an ETMC employee ran into the unknown, wanting to help those injured. Wednesday night, Tyler police released Gonzalez's frantic 911 call to police.

Dispatch: Tyler 911.

Caller: Yes, we've got shots fired, live fire here at ETMC Tyler. We've got a bleeding, one person down, two people hit. I

It was one of the first 911 calls police received after the shooting.

"On the 911 call I actually mentioned that it was live fire, so that's how quick things were happening," said Michael Gonzalez, who witnesses shooting. Gonzalez says he was walking down the hallway, about to walk through the front lobby doors when he heard the shots and people screaming.

"I immediatly picked up my phone and dialed 911 and ran towards the shots," said Gonzalez. "I figured if she was being shot I wanted to pull her inside the building. I could see the person being shot."

Caller: Victim's on the floor, she's bleeding. We've got medics coming, but we need officers immediatly.

Once he got to Luccendia White's side, Gonzalez says doctors were there with a stretcher.

"I wanted to get inside, but then I could tell she was bleeding, so I didn't want to touch her just yet because I could tell people were coming behind me," said Gonzalez. Thursday afternoon, almost 24 hours after the shooting, Gonzalez says he believes he reacted the way he should have.

"It was like something took over me, so I would hope someone would respond in the right sense, and I believe I did," said Gonzalez. "I believe I responded as quickly as I could." It started, Gonzalez says with his 911 call, one of several police say helped find and arrest the alleged shooter.

"That's what you do," said Gonzalez. "Call 911 immediatly, and they responded immediatly." Doctors who treated White say she is doing remarkably well. They say the hospital's quick response may have saved her life.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com